Panama Geisha, Savage Coffee Anthem

Panama Geisha, Savage Coffee Anthem

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Panama Geisha –  Savage Anthem Coffee


The cherries for Anthem Narural Geisha are harvested in both Boquete valley and volcan region at elevations exceeding 1600 MASL. The coffees are sourced from producers who have excellent agronomy and selection standards. Savage coffee collects the production from its select producing partners and processes these cherries using the highest in innovation standard practices.

The Geisha story is one of both revival and of progress. It is a bridge that connects a rich history to a bright and quickly changing future in the world of coffee. This tree, and the beans it produces, is at once a beacon pointing the way towards a coffee landscape, we all want to see and a deliverance of sorts—a cup of Geisha can provide something as close as we’ve seen to perfection in coffee, a sensory rapture that is nothing short of inspirational. 

There is no other coffee quite like it. It is an extremely aromatic coffee, which you notice as soon as the water hits the cup – you can detect the sweet floral, citrus blossom, jasmine and sweet honey fragrances immediately. A bergamot-like finish and a distinct though delicate acidity are typical for its cup profile.