Ethiopia, East Guji Sawana

Ethiopia, East Guji Sawana

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Ismael Hassan established this farm in 2014 and has been producing consistently high scoring coffees every year. The Sawana farm is located in a community named Tarro in East Guji. Its red-brownish soil is rich in mineral content which is ideal for producing high quality coffees.

East Guji Mormora Sawana s sourced from the Mormora Coffee Plantation PLC, which is operated by Wodesa Yachisi. Mormora was established in 2000 and started to export in 2010. Mormora is a 250-acre farm and also purchases coffee from family-owned farms located near the Mormora Coffee Plantation. Mormora collaborates with the local elementary school and has helped with the construction of two local roads.

We roast light for this coffee to bring out and accentuate fruit forward flavours from this coffee.