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El Salvador, Finca Majahual - Quebracho

El Salvador, Finca Majahual - Quebracho

El Salvador, Quebracho
Finca Majahual

Producer: Murray – Alvarez Family
Region: Los Naranjo’s Valley
Variety: Red bourbon
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1500 – 1750 MASL
Harvest Period: December – March 2020

Cup Profile:
Molasses, Fresh Apple, Grapes, Tangerine

QUEBRACHO is the name of a hardwood tree. This is the name given to the specific area of the farm. 

In 1936, Don Rafael Meza-Ayau Sr. our great grandfather, acquired properties in the Los Naranjos Valley located in Sonsonate, El Salvador, where moderate weather and an ideal altitude combine to provide some of the most fertile land in the country for cultivating coffee. Finca Majahual was one of those properties. For several decades, the coffee from Majahual was exported mainly to Europe under the brand name Los Naranjos, renowned for its excellent cupping quality, body, intense flavor and good acidity as well; attributes maintained to this day. Eventually, Finca Majahual was handed down to Don Rafael ́s grandson, Roberto H. Murray Meza, who has
since maintained a strong commitment to improve the workers’ quality of life by providing medical assistance through our on-site Cl.nica San Rafael, education at Centro Escolar La Cumbre, and leisure spaces for them and their families, as well as for neighboring community members. Our constant effort to give back to the community while protecting the environment has been recognized and certified by organizations such as Rainforest Alliance and Starbucks. We are proud to mention
that in the most recent Rainforest Certification (2017), Finca Majahual received a perfect score! The coffee grown at Finca Majahual is SHG (from1500 to 1800masl), most of which is of the Bourbon variety. We have also begun to introduce some varietals such as Yellow and Orange Bourbon, as well as Geisha, which
we hope to harvest in a couple of years. Our coffee is grown under shade, which contributes to maintain the coffee forest biodiversity. On average, the farm has annual production of 3,000QQ, all of which are SHG and a considerable majority qualifies as Specialty Coffee scoring 85+ in cup profiles. The farm has
an area of 90 hectares and receives approximately 2,500mm of annual rainfall.

Most recently, myself and my sister Christina have gotten involved in the management of the farm and in the specialty coffee business. It's a truly honorable challenge for us to continue contributing to the development of the Los Naranjos Valley, its people and the environment, while promoting the specialty coffee industry in El Salvador and abroad in a sustainable way.