Barista Hustle – Advanced Espresso

Barista Hustle – Advanced Espresso

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Barista Hustle – Advanced Espresso

Head Instructor: DAVE PERALTA


July 3 and July 7
10am – 5pm


This course and certification are suited for the professional or home barista looking to improve and expand their current coffee knowledge. This course will enable you to have and know the necessary tools and information to gain a deeper understanding of extraction and evenness.

At the end of the course, you will be able to apply your sensory awareness and understand the implications behind what we are tasting and how we taste it. These new things will lead you to produce better tasting coffee behind the bar or while brewing at home.

Students will Take Home

- An Archers bag of coffee
- Detailed hand-outs of all course content
- Archers Certificate
- Improved Sensory Skill
- A new life skill

This course is also available as part of a combo (Barista One + Espresso Advanced). Get in touch to find out more. Discounts are applicable.