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Ethiopia Peaberry, Shantawene/Odako

Ethiopia Peaberry, Shantawene/Odako

Region: Sidama
Altitude: 2300 MASL
Producer: Dave Bensa / Assefa Dukamo Korma
Harvest: October – January: 2020
Process: Natural
Variety: Heirloom

Taste Profile:

Tropical and stone Fruits, Complex acidity, Wild berries, mango, honey Dew, Cherry bubble gum

Lot name is shantawene /Odako. We decidede to Name our Shantawene Micro lot ODAKO to Reflect The power Culture of Shantawene , sidama people . ODAKO  is A popular tree Name in Shantawene Community Meet unders the Tree to Resolve the conflicts in the area in Know as Sheka  . There Is Similar traditions in other parts Of Ethiopia as well for Example ( In Oromo , known Locally Known as ODDA . The Coffee Is Sourced From 563 Daye Bensa Member Farmers From the Shantawene and Our Gatta Dayebensa Farm .

 Coffee Details

- Region  - Sidama / Bensa / Shantawene  village / ODAKO KEBELE
- Variety - 74158
-  Altitude - 1900- 2217 MASL
- Lot Name -  ODAKO
- Certification - Organic , Cafe practice , JAS
- Nearest Land mark /Village - Hawassa TOWN
- Language _ SIDAMA /Amharic
- Culture Habits in Woreda - Traditional Solve problems (conflicts ) Known As SERA
Traditional House Known As (SHEKA
- Growing Coffee Besides - Wassa / Insset
- Temp- 20c
- Source of Water - BONORA RIVER
- soil Type - Clay Lomy
- Milling name - Daye Bensa coffee Export plc
- No Of Farmer Member - 563 member Farmers
- Drying Method -  drying in the sun ,the coffee Beans are placed on the african bed wood from 1; 20 cm height with  plastic net With 3-5 cm thickness and air  circulation Above And Below. The Ladies are stirring with in 15- 20 min to achieve un Even Drying then After 10 Days we started checking and Attend moisture content .